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  • Cybersecurity Job Trends

    I was sent over this article published by uCertify. I recently did a review of one of their courses, which you can check out here. This article talks about the job trends in the cybersecurity world. Regardless of where you are, this is something to pay attention to. 68% of the organizations said that there is a global shortage of skilled professionals and 74% said that there is a lack…

  • uCertify-CS0-001-complete-Course-Review-cover

    uCertify CS0-001-complete Course Review

    I was approached by the marketing department of uCertify to review one of their exam preparation kits and write about it. I chose the CS0-001-complete course which covers the CompTIA CySA+ CS0-001 exam. It made sense to do this one as I’m studying for the Cysa+ certification. However, the courses are more expensive when compared to similar products. At the same time, the materials and content included is much more…

  • Vulnerability-Disclosure-Programs-cover-page

    Vulnerability Disclosure Programs

    This is a quick post on what a vulnerability disclosure program. I will explain it in more detail later on. A vulnerability disclosure program, also known as a bug bounty, is a program in which a company allows independent researchers to report vulnerabilities to the interested the company. To put it in other words. You own a company, a security researcher approaches you. He lets you know of a potentially…

  • laptop-sticker-2

    We Created A Sticker

    Hey guys! Myself and a friend created a sticker. We only created an initial run of 100 with more to come once this run is sold out. Depending on the feedback, we might branch out and create different styles or fonts. Get the stickers here: I appreciate the support and make sure to give us a review and post your stickers once you get them. It will help immensely.

  • December 10

    Currently working on learning Powershell and keeping work deadlines. This combined with my other obligations have made maintaining and posting new updates difficult.  One project I am working on is setting up the two wireless security cameras I found at a yard sale. The Raspberry Pi 3 is an ideal candidate for a simple DVR but finding the right software is gonna take a while.  For now, I have one…

  • content-filter-diagram

    Public Wifi and the online content filters

    Popular chains that offer free Wi-Fi to its patrons have begun implementing content filters. The popular coffee chain Starbucks being the most recent, deploying theirs in 2019. The sole reason for this? Porn. Prevalent usage of porn at all hours of the day, sometimes in broad daylight. This article is not to discuss why or when deployed. There are many articles that go in to further details about this. No,…

  • turkey-turkey-rock-pumpkins

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Celebrate this holiday your way. With lots of food and family , or lots of food and video games or, with pets.   Spend this day to give thanks for all that has gone well and learning experience from things not so well this year. All the victories and learning opportunities. 

  • Veteran’s Day 2018

    Today is Veteran’s Day and the 100th anniversary of the ending of WWI

  • Coffee Reccomendation Bot

    I made a Twitter bot that suggests coffee recommendations. It tweets once every 3 hours and was built using It is built upon the Tracery and JSON framework.  It is still in progress and I will continue to update the code to allow for more options. Currently, it uses the Starbucks menu as that is the largest coffeehouse chain in the US. 

  • Google+ is getting shut down after data breach

    Google+ shutting down after users’ data is exposed To provide background for this story it is important to know what Google+ is. Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook, it is their social media attempt. Launched in 2011, it has 516,246 according to a 2015 study by Eric Enge. Unfortunately, it never took off and the platform has been used by a small number of active users but did not meet the…