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    Passwords – What are they?

    What is a password? A password is a series of numbers or letters in a sequence that when entered will grant you access to a software or system. When you create an account you are prompted for a password to be able to unlock it and gain access to your account. This allows you to use the system. Another way would be to imagine that you bought a house and…

  • Pre-merger

    Pre-merger: Occurring or existing before a merger Pre-merger is the period before a company is bought, is the discussions and/or negotiations phase. Mergers may be friendly or hostile. Friendly mergers are when a company names a price and negotiations and discussions take place. Hostile mergers or takeovers are when the purchasing company goes straight to the company’s shareholders or fight to replace management to get the acquisition approved.

  • SNMP

    SNMP stands for Simple Network Management Protocol Version 1 – First version. Easy to set up. Everything in plain-text which means an attacker can intercept the strings when being transmitted. Version 2 – Similar to version 1. Adds support for 64-bit counters. Most devices support SNMP V2 automatically as version 1 is no longer recommended due to its lack of security. Version 3 – Adds security to the 64-bit counters.…

  • Elicitation! defines Elicitation as “to draw or bring out or forth; educe; evoke”. In essence, this means to draw out the truth or similar information willingly or against their will.