FBI forced someone to unlock their iPhone using Face ID

This is a very concerning article. The first of a kind (well first to be publicized), about the newly released Face ID being used for law enforcement purposes.

Now for those who are unfamiliar. Face ID was designed by Apple for the latest series of iPhones, the iPhone X, the iPhone XS and XS Max, and the iPhone XR. It has been around since September of 2017 when it was announced and released with the iPhone X. This was their take on biometric facial recognition with it being a successor to their fingerprint recognition system (Touch ID). This was even surpassing the work Samsung had done with their iris recognition system. 

The story is linked below but to summarize it, a suspect who was thought to have interacted with child pornography was forced to unlock his iPhone X using the Face ID software. A federal investigator with the FBI asked the suspect to put his face in front of the phone, which he did. The FBI had a warrant of course, with the phone unlocked they began searching through his photos and texts for anything that might add to the investigation. 

Now we already know that law enforcement can make suspects unlock their phones with their fingerprint. This was ruled back in 2014. So by the same logic, the same can be said about facial recognition. The federal investigator did have a warrant. Warrants have to be specific in its intent, but if the precedent exists for fingerprints to be used then why not another form of biometrics. The case can be argued for that. Either way, it seems to be a grey area and something that has to be defined in the future.