uCertify CS0-001-complete Course Review

I was approached by the marketing department of uCertify to review one of their exam preparation kits and write about it. I chose the CS0-001-complete course which covers the CompTIA CySA+ CS0-001 exam. It made sense to do this one as I’m studying for the Cysa+ certification.

However, the courses are more expensive when compared to similar products. At the same time, the materials and content included is much more and goes along way to prepare a student to take the exams. This course has 5 parts:

Pre-Assessment – A 36 question quiz to measure your current knowledge on the subject.

Chapters & Lessons – 17 interactive lessons, 456 flashcards, and 456 glossary terms. Each lesson, flashcard, and glossary term all compliment each other to reinforce the knowledge and materials.

Performance Labs – 40 labs that simulate real world conditions and allow the student to safely practice the methodologies and objectives covered in the CySA+ exam.

Practice Tests – This kit has 65 quizzes and 2 full length tests to fully prepare and help the student pass the CySA+ exam.

Post Assessment – to complete the course and demonstrate mastery over the subjects, a final exam of 75 questions must be complete with a passing score of 70%.


  • The chapters are interactive and very informative. Additionally, the lessons are broken down between sections followed by a short exercise.
  • The explanations are good and include examples or diagrams where it makes sense.
  • The quizzes allow for multiple variations and modes. A student can retake a quiz with just the answers they missed the first time.
  • There is a completion tracker that gives you an estimated completion date. This is definitely a self-paced course.


  • I noticed some grammatical errors but these were rare and had no impact on the delivery of information.
  • The labs are timed but I’m not sure what happens when time runs out. Nonetheless, It does not hinder the objective and the allotted time is plenty to complete the exercises.


To summarize, this is well worth the price for the content and materials you get. The interface is clean and organized to optimize studying time. Every chapter comes with their own quizzes, labs, and assessments. At no point, did I feel like this was too much or over my head.

I recommend this course to anyone who doesn’t know where to begin. Also, those who just need to study more.

Do you use any online resources? What do you recommend? Let me know!

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